The 2017 & 2018 Property Market On Costa Del Sol

2017 & 2018 Property Market

2017 Has Been An Extraordinary Year In Puebla Aida

At Property in Mijas, we have been building and selling on the Spanish coast for over 30 years, and in that time have seen the market go up and down very steeply.

The start of 2017 was one of the worst on record for sales. The British represent the largest group in the property market and following the Brexit vote, with the 15% drop of the UK pound against the Euro and the realisation of the full implications of owning a property in a potentially non-aligned country, the Brits simply stopped enquiring. We saw a lot of British owners wanting to sell, bringing some good stock onto the market.

But as the European economy lifted, May and June saw an influx of enquiries from Northern Europeans, followed by Eastern Europeans who also started to enquire.

Suddenly, July and August became very busy with sales increasing, and this continued to boom through September, October and then on to November. By the end of the year we found ourselves with more new homeowners at Puebla Aida than at any time in the last 15 years.

Property Market Costa Del Sol

What Does Spanish Property Sales Look Like In 2018?

Well, prices at Puebla Aida are fair for sellers and buyers alike. New builds have truly started in the region but prices are high. The British, with increased certainty, are back enquiring, and with some now buying again.

Spain has experienced an uplift in holiday visitors and the country has invested heavily in infrastructure and services to make Spain once again a go-to destination for holidays. This is showing, as those holidaymakers are buying at Puebla Aida and Mijas Golf. Some for family holidays and some to rent, as there is a thriving rental market.

The European economies are growing, which has brought even more buyers to the region and the weather comprising some 300 plus blue sky sunshine days per year, remains the same.

So 2018 looks very positive for Mijas properties with good stock, good sellers, good buyers and a vastly improved environment.

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