The Beautiful Sierra Nevada Ski Resort

The Beautiful Sierra Nevada Ski Resort

If you plan to spend some time in Mijas and the rest of Southern Spain, then you can expect plenty of sunshine with lots of time swimming in the sea and sunning yourself on the beach. One thing that you may not have thought of when thinking of Spain, is skiing! However, this is something that you can actually experience whilst still being close enough to enjoy the beach.

Sierra Nevada is just two hours away from the village of Puebla Aida, in Mijas. That means you could leave your house at 7am and be ready to ski by 9:30am! What could be better than that?

The Beautiful Sierra Nevada Ski Resort

A Sunshine Soaked Ski Resort

Being located in Southern Spain means that Sierra Nevada is a ski resort that sees plenty of blue skies and sunshine whilst benefiting from some top quality skiing conditions. Ski lovers will find that the slopes here are as a good as many other top resorts located throughout Europe.

Plenty Of Time To Ski

The Sierra Nevada can be translated to mean Snowy Mountain Range; the perfect name for what it offers. It has some of the highest peaks in Europe, so it sees plenty of snow and enjoys a long season, often extending from November to May.

A Cheaper Alternative

As it’s not one of the most recognised ski resorts in the world, the price of skiing in the Sierra Nevada is lower than other European resorts, making it ideal for trying it out with the family.

Great For Beginners

Thanks to the high altitude of the peaks, the majority of the skiing takes place in ski fields, rather than narrow tracks and they are above the tree line. So if you’re feeling nervous, or if you’re a beginner this is a more reassuring option.

A Touch Of Luxury

There are a whole host of fantastic places to unwind, relax, eat and stay throughout Sierra Nevada. So, whether you’re just stopping off as part of your Southern Spain break or looking to stay for the long haul, you’re sure to have the best time possible.

The Beautiful Sierra Nevada Ski Resort

Visit Sierra Nevada Now

Southern Spain may be a place to relax, unwind and soak up the sun but as you can see, it has so much more to offer than just that. Why not come and explore Mijas, and the surrounding areas of Southern Spain for yourself? You never know, you might fall so in love that you decide buy your very own property in Mijas!