The History of Mijas

The History Of Mijas

When it comes to transformations, Mijas definitely has undergone some huge changes over the years. From humble beginnings as a fishing village, it is now a popular holiday resort. However, unlike some areas of the world, this doesn’t mean it has lost its Spanish charm.

A Beautiful Fishing Town

When you think about the quintessential Spanish village, you are likely to conjure up images of whitewashed houses nestled together on narrow, winding streets.

Perhaps this is why Mijas is a place that so many fall in love with.

If you take a walk through Mijas then you will find a beautiful Andalucian village feel with stunning narrow cobbled streets. This really showcases the true heritage of the area and why it became a popular place for artists and creative minds to settle.

Steeped in culture as well as charm, Mijas was known as an area that attracted artists and creative minds, all of which took their inspiration from the local way of life and breath-taking views that could be taken in over the water.

The stunning blue waters were a main focus of the area, with fishing part of the economy and even a few pirates trying to make an appearance.

Life was quaint, quiet and relaxed. A real sense of Spanish manana!

A Vibrant Holiday Destination

Nowadays, Mijas is more than just a quaint fishing town, it has become a place that families and couples alike come to rest, relax and unwind.

Golf has become a huge part of Mijas life, with a variety of amazing courses spread throughout the area, all just perfect for when you fancy upping your handicap.

Not only some perfect golf, Mijas is also packed full of attractions, hotels, restaurants and a whole other variety of amazing reasons to visit.

If this wasn’t enough, Mijas boasts some really impressive weather. Perfect if you are looking for somewhere that you can soak up some rays all year round.

One thing is for sure, no matter how many changes have been made to Mijas over the years, it still retains all the charm and appeal that draw people to visit each and every year.

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