Personalised Property Search

At Properties in Mijas we are now offering a Personalised Property search to help you save time and effort and identify suitable properties to view with ease.
Finding your perfect property can be extremely time-consuming, and organising appointments to visit many properties in a short visit can be difficult.
Let us know the type of property you are looking for and the location, and we will use our expertise to create a short list of hand-picked properties to fulfil all your criteria. We can then provide a guide and a conducted tour of these properties.
Even if you are unfamiliar with the Coast, we can advise you on the types of property and desirable areas which may suit your needs, and produce a short list of appropriate homes for your consideration.

Our initial no obligation consultation is free, with a fee for our bespoke search service, refundable upon purchase. Given our knowledge of the coast and its commercial practices, we aim to save you money when buying, as well as advise you on the pitfalls in order to make your property purchase in Spain as simple as possible. We suggest a skype call or conference call before you arrive to discuss all requirements. Contact Zarema directly for more information by calling: (+34) 952 477  854 or contact Property In Mijas by email at [email protected]

The Search Service Process – the way we help

1. We initially arrange to talk with you on Telephone or Skype to discuss your requirements for a home in Southern Spain.
2. You are asked to complete our search for a home form after our talk and email it to us, at which point we advise you of the refundable search fee if you buy.
3. If you choose to proceed we will search, visit and qualify a selection of prospective homes.
4. We arrange a date for your visit and set up visits, usually over 3 days.
5. If you choose to put an offer in we can help with local banks,
lawyers, accountants, the total negotiations etc and if after purchase you need help with remodelling services we have good contacts with local professionals in the building design service.
6.  Upon purchase we return your search fee.

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